Some important notes about the Amherst College weather station(edited July 31, 2009):


1. The live precipitation data are correct. The very sensitive precipitation gauge detects morning condensation and so reports tiny amounts most days.

2. The live wind speed is probably not correct. The anemometer sits on the roof of Webster Hall and should be showing much higher values.

3. The temperature is correct BUT the thermometer sits between Webster Hall on the south and Appleton Dorm to the northwest. This location is warmer than surrounding areas of town, especially during afternoons near the equinoxes when that area concentrates the sun. In addition, a steam tunnel runs beneath the station and so the snow melts quickly in the winter.

4. If you play with the customized data output you will come across some silly results. We do not have negative rainfall! Average rainfall in Amherst is about 45 inches per year. Consider your results and use your comon sense.


Questions about the weather station can be addressed to Steve Sauter

Pictured below is the station situated in the sun and rain shadow of Webster Hall. The anemometer is behind the first cupola on the left. Appleton dorm is to the right or northwest. The two buildings are aligned east to west. Photo taken December 18, 2008 after the first of the season snowfall.

Ives Station Location